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Welcome to Ralli’s

Taste That Makes You Feel Happy – Anytime, Every Time

When you wish to add more taste to your life, you can search for the right syrup, and when you search for the best syrup, Ralli’s is the right thing to have.

The brand is the brainchild of Ralli’s Sing, a passionate food lover who had a keen interest in blending syrups with natural ingredients. However, Ralli’s syrups are not those ordinary syrups that you can see in your local grocery stores. They are different in terms of taste, packaging, quality and experience.

It is a family-run business. The two great-grandsons of Ralli Sing are successfully taking forward the legacy throughout India.

Ralli Singh’s legacy is being carried forward by his 2 great grandsons, who are taking forward his vision and making it possible for every household in India to cherish all the flavours of Ralli’s at their doorstep by ordering here directly. 

Kesar Badam

Feel the Refreshment – Try Refreshing Ralli’s Syrups

Ralli’s syrups are not only good for your taste buds; they are absolutely amazing for your entire body. You can feel totally refreshed and energetic after having a glass of any of these syrups.

Whether you are a young college student or a budding entrepreneur; it is important to feel energetic all the time. Have a glass of Blue Curacao or Bella Syrup from the house of Ralli’s syrup to feel rejuvenated and refreshed.

Curacao Syrup

Whether you wish to have a house party or need a refreshing drink after a hectic day – a glass of Ralli’s syrup will be your right companion for all these occasions.

we are available online Through which customers can order the entire
range (that’s more than 35 flavours! And still growing.. )

Fruit Syrups made from 100% Natural Fresh Pulp and Juice

Non-Fruit Syrup – For People Who Do Not Like Fruits

If you are among those who are not very fond of fruits in their daily routine or do not find the idea of mixing fruits in syrups very fascinating can try our non-fruit syrups. You can have Rose or Blue Lagoon Syrup to have an authentic taste without being carried away by the flood of fruits.

Syrup of the Month
Flavor of butter scotch used for shakes,ice cream and mocktails.
Net Contents: 500ml(pet bottles)

we are available online