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Our Story Since 1898

Know Our Story

It was 1898 when Late Shri Ralli’s Singh Arora had come up with the idea of establishing this company. He was a passionate syrup lover but wished to create something different. He had the idea of mixing syrups with natural ingredients. This blending had made Ralli’s syrups not only tasty but healthy as well.

After him, the business is being carried forward by his family. Now, his two great-grandsons are taking this legacy forwards throughout the country.

What We Do

We manufacture syrups. However, our products have special natural ingredients which help the consumers to feel refreshing and energetic with every sip. We have both non-fruit and fruit syrups. The quality is best, and the packaging is attractive. You can choose from our wide range of syrups from our product list.

Why Choose Us

For us, nothing is more important than our client’s happiness. Hence, we never compromise with the quality of our syrups.